Fossils, Genes and Art

Sunday, December 5, 2010

I think that one of the perks of being the producer and host of a radio show is that I get to choose the guests, for the most part. I confess to taking advantage of this, and have had my son on a show about Camp Quest.  I have also used it to get the chance to talk to people I have only met through blogging, and used my position as a subtext for inviting them on the show.  There are people I have yet to get on the show, but I finally found the show for someone whose work I have admired for the last few years.

Glendon Mellow from the Flying Trilobite on Red Bubble

Don't knock down your own pieces before the game begins.

Glendon Mellow is a fun artist whose work brings in a punk sensibility to an appreciation of science.  For example, he created this work as his statement over the accommodation/confrontation controversy in the matter of “tone” and the acceptance of evolution.

There are a great many artists who look to science for inspiration.  The other guest that I have on the show is Lynn Fellman.  Regular listeners know her as an enthusiastic and entertaining interviewer responsible for bringing in some great guests, including Ira Flatow of Science Friday. I wanted to hear Lynn talk about her own work this time.  She has her own inspiration and gets very excited talking about her working on using her subject’s DNA samples to trace their ancestry and create images.

This is a sample of Lynn's Work

Twilight Lineage

I think that we will have a very entertaining show.  The podcast will be available in case you slept in. Live stream here, using a Minnesota zip code.

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